Place-Based Education in San Francisco

As i begin to make my contribution as Founding Humanities Teacher at the Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI) in San Francisco, i am excited by the prospect of turning San Francisco into a fieldwork site for young urban students of the human sciences.

I will be leading a discussion about this on Sunday, July 1 from 10:00–12:00 noon:

ATI Learning Where We Live 1JUL18 Talk MG

Here’s where i am coming from:

At a certain stage of spiritual development, we realize that our practice place—be it a monastery or school—has no walls. That is, we come to understand that our practice takes place wherever we happen to be. To know just where we stand (geographically, historically, morally) is one outcome of dwelling within the human sciences, a precondition of wisdom, the ability to discern and respond to the particular circumstances (social, political, economic, aesthetic) that continually shape our lives.

During this conversation and information session, we will reflect upon the vital history, culture, and ecology of the San Francisco Bay Area, a place where human possibilities continue to evolve in ways that work both with and against the more-than-human worlds we inhabit. We will be reminded that our postmodern cosmopolis harbors timely resources in support of the necessary work of reinhabitating this and other places. These resources include a homegrown tradition of bioregional thinking, constructive social actions, and the community of inquiry now forming at ATI, a school with “no walls” that offers teens and their families opportunities to enjoy panoramic views of the City and of the longer story or stories of which we are now a part.

ATI Learning Where We Live 1JULY18 Handout

Everyone is welcome to join the discussion at 2690 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94115