Botanist Tim Hogan Reviews Eileen Crist’s Abundant Earth and Writes on “The Green World”

Tim Hogan, Zen Mountain Man and Collections Manager of Botany at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Museum of Natural History, just shared his review of Eileen Crist’s Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization (University of Chicago Press, 2019).

After quoting Paul Shephard saying that “the ‘civilized mind’ attempts to simplify and level the world, whereas the ‘[indigenous] mind’ is not afraid to become enmeshed in its complexity,” Tim concludes (p. 108):

Futureprimitive bioregionalists find solace in such views, acknowledging the transformation toward an ecological civilization, if it is to be realized, will be multigenerational. Arne Naess, the founder of Deep Ecology, is reputed to have said he was pessimistic about the 21st century but optimistic about the 22nd. If we are to make it through the coming decades, Eileen Crist’s Abundant Earth may be viewed as one of the maps that helped pull us through.

Tim Hogan, “Review Essay,” Abundant Earth Toward an Ecological Civilization by Eileen Crist, The Trumpeter Journal of Ecosophy 35:1 (2019) 97–108 [PDF]

Also see Tim’s informative long essay on plants, the miracle of photosynthesis, and threats to species diversity:

Tim Hogan, “The Green World,” The Ecological Citizen 3, Suppl A (2019): 13-21. [PDF]

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