Back from Kitkitdizze with Qionglin Tan and Yingying Deng from Hunan University

Professor Qionglin “Joan” Tan, Yingying “Hannah” Deng, and I visited Gary Snyder at Kitkitdizze on 8 February 2019. There we caught up on news from the Center for Gary Snyder Studies Joan founded at Hunan University in 2015.

Joan Tan Gary Snyder Hannah Deng 8FEB19 KitkitdizzeJoan, Gary, Hannah (8Feb19)

Professor Tan’s advisee, Ms. Deng, a Changsha native, is enjoying a dissertation research year at UC Berkeley.

Gary Snyder & Joan Tan 8Feb19Gary & Joan (8Feb19)

Joan is the author of Han Shan, Chan Buddhism, and Gary Snyder’s Ecopoetic Way (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2009) and has translated a number of Gary’s books into Chinese.

Gary Snyder and Mark Gonnerman Kitkitdizze 8FEB19Gary & Mark at Kitkitdizze (8Feb19)

We stopped by the Snyder archive at UC Davis, headed to Kitkitdizze the next day, and paid our respects to Mt. Tamalpais on the return trip to Berkeley.

Hannah on Tam 9FEB19 KitkitdizzeHannah on Tam (9Feb19)