A Sense of the Whole reviewed by Justin Wadland in Rain Taxi 20/3 (Fall 2015)

Justin Wadland reviews A Sense of the Whole in Rain Taxi 20/3 (2015): 8–9.

“Tucked in an appendix at the end of volume, another essay by Gonnerman titled “Fieldwork: Gary Snyder, Libraries, and Book Learning” offers a fascinating survey of the important place textual study has had in the poet’s life: ‘Contrary to what may be a popular misunderstanding of Zen Buddhist life, Snyder enjoys extraordinary book knowledge and knows how to use it.'”

















Rain Taxi (Fall 2015 Table of Contents)

“Snyder envisioned the poem as a song of healing, and these essays make clear that this healing happens through a deeper awareness of the interdependence of all beings.”

                                                                                                 —Justin Wadland